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Try out our latest Bot building platform for Free and we gurantee no coding experience is required !

Zero Coding

You can build a Chatbot packed with NLU ("Natural Language Understanding") capability within minutes without any coding. Your first Chatbot will spring to life in less than 6 clicks.

Rich Messages

Our platform supports diffrent types of responses including image, video, audio, quick replies and external links. Response message is highly customizable to meet your unique use cases.

Multiple Language Support Coming Soon

Our Chatbot solutions support English for now and will expand to more Asia languages within the next 12 months ? Our solution is capable of adding another 22 languages.

Build once Deploy anywhere

Just train your Bot once and you can deploy it to Facebook Messenger and Website instantly. You will get consistent UI/UX experience across all supported channels.

Chatbot Templates :)

Use our custom-made templates to speed up your Chatbot development

Product Enquiry

The Product Enquiry Chatbot is capable of handling some of the most complex product inquiries. Just add your products to the platform and the Chatbot will take care of the rest.

Service Booking

Our Service Booking Chatbot interacts with your customers and helps you process reservation directly from the Web and Messenger.

Food Ordering

Food Ordering Chatbot helps you to take orders online, saving you time on the phones and cost for hiring staff.

Sales Automation

Sales Automation Chatbot is designed to help you sell more effectively via Messaging platforms, you can automate selling by defining targeted group and time.

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Anyone can build a Chatbot

Get started right away on our Bot building platform without going through any tutorial or training. We offer clean and modern wizard style user inteface for Chatbot building, testing and bore-training. With just a few clicks, your projects will be ready to be deployed on Facebook Messenger as well as any HTML based Website. Our pre-built templates further simplies Chatbot development process, in under 5 minutes you can have your Chatbot ready and instantly improve customer experience.

"In the future, an AI agent will know that you are at work and have ten minutes free, and then help you accomplish something that is high on your to-do list. It won't just boost productivity in the office, either, says Jack: "Innovation will improve many other areas of life too."

Jack Ma, Alibaba

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