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AI + Machine Learning

AI and deep machine learning are electrifying the industries and will soon transform every industries on this planet.


Topbots helps enterprise deploy the “best-in-class” Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies to solve complex industry-specific problems.

Sentiment Analysis

With sentiment analysis, we can have deeper and better understanding of a document, conversation or even an image offering you deep insights to targeted subject.

Multiple Language Support New

Our Chatbot solutions support English, Mandarin and Malay languages. Not satisfy with this list ? Our solution is capable of adding another 22 languages.

Discovery Service

With Discovery Service, you can combine data analysis and cognitive intuition to understand unstructured data, enrich it and turn it into invaluable data input.

Vertical AI

Solving industry-specific problems by combining deep learning technologies and subject matter expertise.


Whether it’s customer inquires or credit processing, Topbots comes with more than 10 prebuilt Chatbot's models for banking industry to give you a head start in AI race.


Our Insuretech Chatbot models cover end to end insurance processing from Quotation to New Business to Claims processing to Policy Renewal/Cancellation.


Have you tried the very first Pizza Ordering Chatbot? We own the bragging rights to the most advance deep learning bots in the region.


In healthcare, Chatbots could take off the burden on medical professionals regarding easily diagnosable health concerns or quickly solvable health management issues. We aim transform the patient's experience with the use of machince learning technology.

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AI-powered customer service

On average, it costs USD 2,500 or more to hire a call center service agent, and an additional USD 5,000 or more to train them. These costs can quickly grow with an increase in staff attrition, a common problem at call centers. Companies adopted Topbots solutions saw headcount needs reduced by at least 30% and extending service hours to 24x7 with exceptional satisfaction rating.

"In the future, an AI agent will know that you are at work and have ten minutes free, and then help you accomplish something that is high on your to-do list. It won't just boost productivity in the office, either, says Jack: "Innovation will improve many other areas of life too."

Jack Ma, Alibaba

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